Application Hosting
We move all of your software applications to our data center where we take responsibility for all upgrades and backups. We provide redundant servers, redundant high speed fiber-optic internet connectivity, redundant power, physical and electronic security, fire suppression systems, server maintenance and system access maintenance. (See the detailed example of Application Hosting at the end of this document.)

Electronic Medical Records
We have developed a very robust, web-based, user-definable Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities. We call this software cueSHIFT, because it cues you, each shift to inform your staff of the documentation that is expected AND it cues you when urgent situations occur. This Software includes all Admission, Census, Care Plan, MDS, Interdisciplinary & Multidisciplinary Assessments, Nurses Notes, Nurse Aide Charting, Physicians Orders, eMAR, eTAR functions. It includes all charting functions for all disciplines, including Rehab, Activities, Social Services and Dietary. It includes all state mandated special forms including MDS Section S. The Assisted Living component includes Assessments, Service Plans, Medication Reminders and much more.

The system allows the provider to design and modify forms, create work flow that prompts for documentation based on your policies. It allows you to create alerts from any form so that you are aware of important situations. It provides a variety of functions to keep you informed, including “dashboards”, 24 hour reports, compliance reports, user defined query reports and more. It also allows you to design the chart order and the contents of each chart tab.

You can even control the menu items. User security let’s you determine which staff members see which functions on the system menus. You can also create menu items that link you directly to your most frequently used forms, reports, system functions, web sites and even other programs. This feature allows you to use cueSHIFT as an information portal. This means you can access all of your systems from within cueSHIFT. Your staff will not have to deal with a screen full of icons and try to remember which is for pharmacy, lab, radiology, etc. They all become menu items in cueSHIFT. You can even create menu items to link Federal, State and industry web sites….the RAI manual is always at your fingertips! cueSHIFT provides vital information, on demand, so that your key staff spends less time chasing data and more time caring for residents. cueSHIFT…giving you time to care.

Single Source Support Center
As a company, we decided to concentrate on our core capabilities, EMR software and Application Hosting. However, we wanted to be a single-source provider of IT services, i.e., we want our clients to be able to call a single phone number to get assistance with any systems they use. Even if you didn’t get the software from us, we will “triage” the incident and contact the people who can resolve the issue. Because of this we have developed relationships with companies who provide high quality systems and services. We take the “Best of Breed” approach. This means you buy the best product in each niche that is required and integrate them so that all of your departments maximize their productivity. We can, and do, host software from other vendors. When asked to provide a comprehensive solution we utilize our “Best of Breed” colleagues.

Best of Breed Systems
We have relationships, and integrate with the following system providers:
Keane RAM and Keane Net Solutions – Billing and Accounts Receivable
Microsoft Dynamics GP Financial Systems – A/P, G/L & Fixed Assets
RFMS – Resident Fund Management
StatBill – Medicaid Claim Software
MealTracker – Dietary Management
On-Shift – Schedule Management
Casamba – Rehabilitation Therapy
We also interface with a number of other systems.

Interoperability Projects
When implementing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) it is essential that you have a central location for all Assessments, Evaluations, Orders, Notes, Documentation and Results. You want to be able to see the entire record of a resident’s care. This is a unique challenge for Long Term Care facilities because many of the care providers are not employed within the facilities. Physician, pharmacy, lab, radiology and rehab services are frequently provided by contracted companies. The data they collect on each resident is part of the EMR and must be stored appropriately.

Each of these providers will have their own systems where they record this information. We contractually guarantee that we will perform all programming required of us to integrate cueSHIFT with your contracted care provider systems, using industry accepted protocols.

Very soon the government will be finalizing Interoperability Standards that will regulate the protocols that must be used to share data between all systems used in healthcare. We endorse these standards and are using them in our ongoing integration efforts with providers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Desktop Management
Once you have decided which software applications best suit your needs you will need to determine which data collection / management methods are most effective for your various staff members. The contents of your main computer screen, immediately after you have logged in, is referred to as the “desktop”, since it is the electronic equivalent to the most frequently used folders that would have been on your actual desk. This is an appropriate analogy for stationary employees. However, in the world of Long Term Care much of your staff is moving about your facility throughout each day.

In the new information management strategies for Long Term Care, the “desktop” can take a variety of forms. A few of your employees may still need actual computers. The majority of your staff will need mobile devices or strategically deployed devices throughout the facility. These devices include wireless notebook or netbook computers, PDAs (Palm Pilots), wall mounted touch screen kiosks and thin client (dumb terminal) devices. There is not one “right” configuration. The needs of your facility will determine the devices you use.

The staff of Healthcare System Connections will help analyze these needs and implement the tools that best meet your needs.

Network Infrastructure Analysis
In order to implement an effective LTC information management system you need an efficient network . The data collection devices that you have chosen need to be able to efficiently communicate with the servers where your software and data are stored. This will involve making sure that your facility has the proper network cable installed, along with high speed switches, robust wireless access points and a firewall router capable of managing security, multiple internet connections and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

You may also want to implement “public” networks in your facility to allow residents and their families to access the internet.

Our staff will help you configure these networks and keep them secure. We will also help to make sure your networks are compliant with HIPAA standards.

Connectivity Management
An important facet of managing your systems in a hosted environment is Connectivity. This includes your facility connections to the Internet, the Healthcare System Connections to the Internet and the telephone company equipment between those locations. At your facility, we recommend two high speed internet connections, from separate vendors, linked by a Dual WAN routers.

We assist you with acquiring these connections and routers to maximize the reliability of your Internet access. We provide redundant high speed fiber-optic connections to our data center from multiple carriers. We provide assistance in resolving any connectivity issues with your carriers. Reliability? These connections are at least as reliable as your local “land line” telephone service or you cable TV service. Most vendors guarantee 99% up time.

Compliance Consulting
We provide consultants who can assist you with charting compliance, policy and procedure development, MDS issues, reimbursement maximization and business office issues. Our team of consultants all possess over 2 decades of Long Term Care experience.

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